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VIP I Benefits & Purchasing
Hello everyone, my name is SnoggyTheBear the forum administrator and developer and I am here to talk about our new release of VIP, an upgrade available to you.
Let's begin shall we?

What is VIP?
VIP is an upgrade you can purchase for your forum account to grant you more perks while supporting the forum.

What do I get?
  • A nice blue name tag to show your support.
  • A VIP exclusive name tag underneath your profile when you post (coming soon.)
  • A VIP exclusive badge (coming soon).
  • Skip straight to having five stars on your profile, rather than having to earn it through posting.
  • Can undo vote in polls.
  • Twice the attachment quota (5000 KB ---> 10000KB
  • Can delete your own posts.
  • Can change username.
  • Can customize your user title.
  • Can give reputations to users (-1, 0, or +1)
  • Twice the message quota (how many private messages you can store, 100 ---> 200).
  • Twice the max recipients in private messages (5 ---> 10)
  • 20% reduction to the price of sponsored threads (coming soon).
  • 1000 Tix.

VIP will cost $10 USD to be paid via PayPal.

How do I buy?
  • Private Message SnoggyTheBear on the forums with the following information:
  1. Discord Username and tag (so I can role you in the Discord, * you may be told to verify).
I will reply back with payment details.
Administrator/Forum Developer
See a thread or post breaking the rules?
Press the report button and I will make it my priority to check it.

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